Marine Network provides a range of marine transport services in Nigeria, offering support to the oil and gas industry as it seeks to identify and develop alternative offshore energy resources.

With the support of our technical partners, we have access to modern and technologically advanced fleet which makes us well equipped to transport drilling materials and equipment, emergency supplies and personnel to offshore facilities, as well as moving and situating drilling structures.

In an industry as dynamic as the Oil and Gas industry with its continually developing technology and standards of best practice, working with our partners, we are commitment to operating a modern fleet coupled with a dedication to maintaining an unparalleled safety culture and ensuring that Marine Network provides a service that is unrivalled in the industry.

Anchor Handling, Towing & Supply Vessels (AHTS)

These vessels set anchors for drilling rigs, and tow drilling rigs from one location to another. They are equipped with powerful engines and winches for this reason. They can also be used to transport supplies as well as for specialty operations where they serve various non-traditional purposes.                                                                                                                  

Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)

Their significant cargo handling capabilities and general storage capacity mean that platform supply vessels are used to transport fuel, drilling fluids, and provisions, among other materials, to offshore facilities. Furthermore, they support drilling and production operations in addition to offshore construction and maintenance works.

Fast Supply Vessels

Fast supply vessels are rapid as their name suggests and can simultaneously deliver urgent supplies and transport emergency response teams. They have a greater cargo carrying capacity than standard crew boats. Fast supply vessels are used to support deep-water drilling and complex logistics; nevertheless these vessels are also in their element in shallower water production and drilling support roles.

Construction Support Vessels

These transport large cargoes of materials and supplies to support the construction and positioning of offshore pipelines. Vessels that fall under this category include pipe-laying barges, diving support vessels and pipe carriers.

Specialty Services Vessels

Marine Network is able to meet the unique needs of clients with these purpose-built vessels, which include vessels that specialize in sub-sea support, construction support, seismic support, standby/rescue as well as other non-traditional roles.

Standby Rescue Vessels

These vessels are equipped to provide personnel rescue, first aid as well as shelter. Standby rescue vessels perform a safety patrol function. They typically provide a safety back-up to offshore rigs and production facilities. Moreover, they can also function as support vessels.